Mayssa Zerzri

Head of project

Mayssa Zerzri holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems and Networks Security from the Higher School of Information in Tunis in 2011, an expert auditor in the field of information security certified by the National Agency for Computer Security. She also has international certifications in cybersecurity and information systems governance, most notably ISO 27001 Lead Implementer and Cobit5 Foundation.

Fadhel Ghajati

Fadhel GHAJATI received in 2003 the Diploma degree in Telecommunications engineering from Higher School of Communications SUP’COM (Tunisia). In 2007, he received a Master’s degree in Optical Communications and Photonic Technologies (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy). Fadhel GHAJATI is currently a senior engineer at the National Agency of Computer Security (NACS), IT Security Expert. He is Information Security Management System Officer. He is expert in Cyebrsecurity. He is certified Lead Auditor/Lead Implementer ISO 27001 and ISO 27005/31000 Risk Manager and Data Protection Officer.

Fadhel GHAJATI participated in several projects related to information security and currently he is the Team Leader of National Anti-DDoS Project.


Riadh Somrani

Somrani Riadh A senior officer in the Ministry of the Interior, born 1982. Received the National Certificate of Engineer in Applied Science of Weapons. Security expert accredited to the Tunisian Institute for Strategic Studies since 2018. Researcher in extremist ideology and the dynamics of jihadist groups. From his writings: Apocalypse Wahhabi Thought. The emergence and literature of extremist thought.

Bassel Torjeman

Graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Information Sciences Tunis 1987. Media Political analyst Editor in chief and political analyst in several radio and television channels Tunisian Arab and international specialized in Islamic movements and terrorist groups Active member of several Arab and international associations and research centers dealing with terrorism and dealing with extremist thought.