About the project

The project is a quality experience based on the idea of the Tunisian expert Mayssa Zerzri who specialises in the field of cybersecurity, as a result of some parties contributing to transforming her idea into a concrete project. These parties are the free state of Bavaria and the Ministry of Development and Investment and International cooperation, in partnership with the Centre for Applied Policy Research at the University of Ludwig Maximilian in Munich, Carthage University, the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the Union of Independent Tunisians for Freedom. This experience has been successful upon participating in the programme “Leading Change across the Mediterranean, Policy Advice and Strategy Development: Linking Academia, Civil Society and Politics”.

This project can be placed within the broader framework of the comprehensive National Counter Terrorism and Extremism Strategy. It is an electronic portal for the digital world to exchange experiences, competencies, studies and analyses relevant to cybersecurity. It specifically studies in detail the processes of cyberterrorism, in addition to looking into the phenomenon through real life experiences, by allocating a space within the portal to play a number of videos and recorded footage to reinforce the sensitisation and awareness aspects.